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The current stable release is 2.0.2

CDash Requirements

  • MySQL (5.x and higher) or PostGreSQL (8.3 and higher)
  • PHP (5.2 and higher)
  • XSL module for PHP
  • cURL module for PHP (for site statistics)
  • GD module for PHP (for regression tests)

Installation Steps
Note: it is assumed that the MySQL table cdash will be accessible by the MySQL user cdash.

  1. Checkout CDash using SVN
  2. Edit/Create a cdash/config.local.php file (from config.php) to connect to the database ans set other configuration options.
  3. If the MySQL user 'cdash' has enough privileges to create tables skip the next step.
  4. If the MySQL user 'cdash' doesn't have enough privileges to create tables
    as a superuser, create a table 'cdash' and give permission to the MySQL user 'cdash'.
  5. Use your favorite web-browser and point it to your installation directory (i.e.
  6. Follow the online installation script.

Testing the Installation

  1. Download CMake from
  2. Download the C++ test project (CDashTest).
  3. Create a project named 'test' as an administrator in CDash.
  4. Download the CTestConfig.cmake file from the CDash website (after you created the project) or modify the one located in the CDashTest project source directory.
  5. Run CMake on CDashTest to configure your project.
  6. Run 'make Experimental'.
  7. Go to your CDash project page and you should see your submission.

More Installation Documentation on CDash's wiki

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